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The Science of Aging Backwards

We apply a scientific approach using combination therapy to develop a custom treatment plan to meet each clients’ individual needs. Microscopic images show how our exclusive treatment changes your skin on a cellular level after just one treatment.

Signature Skin Workouts

Below is a full list of our signature Skin Workouts. See our full list of Machines & Modalities further down for choices of treatments.

Introductory Offer (3 treatments your first visit)
Warmup Skin Workout (Choose 1 Treatment / visit)
Beginner Skin Workout (Choose 2 Treatments / visit)
Intermediate Skin Workout (Choose 3 Treatments / visit)
Advanced Skin Workout (Choose 4 Treatments / visit)
The Skin Olympics (Choose 5 Treatments / visit)
Bye Bye Back-Acne
Greatest Teen Acne Facial of All Time


Club Skin Gym Machines & Modalities

Below is our full menu of Club Skin Gym’s machines & modalities. Our exclusive skin renewal and rejuvenation process will make your skin tighter, brighter, and smoother.

MDSE Skin Resurfacing

Club Skin Gym has figured out the secret to growing young! This machine is ours EXCLUSIVELY! The MDSE slows down the aging process by removing dead skin cells while simultaneously forcing new skin cells to grow. Resulting in new collagen and elasticity for your skin. More importantly, this process builds new cell memory which slows down the aging process and actually makes you grow young, with NO DOWNTIME. Think of this as your base for each treatment while working out your face in the Skin Gym. This is the bare minimum you want to do every time you come in.
Treats: Acne, Wrinkles, Sun Spots, Hyperpigmentation, Uneven Skin Tone, Enlarged pores, Blackheads, Whiteheads, Scarring, Fine lines, Dull Skin, Skin Texture

SKIN PEEL Skin Cell Renewal

Peels work by taking advantage of your bodies natural biological process. By stimulating cell turnover and growing new skin, these mild peels remove only a small part of the epidermis (outer layer of the skin). We customize the peel based on your skin needs, leaving no downtime or light sloughing depending on the strength of the peel.
Treats: Fine lines, Mild scarring, Hyperpigmentation, Acne

OXYGEN Glowing Skin

This modality delivers straight oxygen into the skin! Not only is this like giving your skin a tall drink of water, oxygen is antibacterial and antimicrobial. We infuse the oxygen with Vitamin A, C, E, peptides and antioxidants in an Aloe Vera based serum which leaves the skin glowing & vibrant! Helpful tip: This treatment speeds up the healing process in rejuvenating new skin after your treatment and is a great choice for acne.
Treats: Dehydrated Skin, Dull Skin, Acne


Using URL light technology this treatment stimulates collagen growth & skin elasticity deep down into every layer of the skin; correcting damaged skin from the inside out. Using light and heat energy to strengthen muscle tissue, this treatment will tighten, tone and build new skin. It also softens scars making this an excellent choice for deep pitted scars and enlarged pores.


Get your GLOW ON! This machine is great for instant glowing, bright skin. Good for all skin types and all ages, this machine will deliver instant results and skin-confidence! A Hydration Facial is a non-invasive resurfacing treatment that removes dead skin cells and other impurities while cleansing and hydrating the fresh, new skin. This treatment is non-irritating and leaves patients with younger, more radiant skin. For an added bonus, we custom infuse serums based on your skin needs.


Say goodbye to dark circles, hollowness, fine lines, wrinkles & under-eye bags! This miracle 6-layer treatment erases years of no sleep & stress! After, your eyes appear firmer, brighter & more youthful. This treatment is not only a safer alternative to botox & fillers for the under eye, but will also save you time and money. And guess what? Zero downtime, just RESULTS!


‘CSG Exclusive’ Scars last forever? Not anymore! Great for clients who want to remove residual damage after Accutane, acne scars, pitted scars, large pores, uneven skin texture, and dead damaged skin. This miracle peel resurfaces and removes a years worth of dead damaged skin in a weeks time. Leaving you with a collagen boost of brand new fresh baby skin that is poreless, glowing and smooth. With a weeks downtime this peel is GUARANTEED to give you the results you are looking for as long as you follow our post care instructions. We recommend doing this peel in a series of 1-3x’s per year followed by our signature ‘Hydration Treatment’ once peeling subsides.


HOPE IS HERE! Brown Spots, Sun Damage, Melasma, and Hyperpigmentation are no match for what this peel has to offer. Done in a series of 3-6, this peel works as a tyrosinase inhibitor blocking overactive melanocytes that cause pigmentation in the skin. All in all slowing down the production of melanin creating a more desirable skin tone that is one color, clear and even. We use various techniques with this peel causing mild to moderate downtime depending on the client’s preference and needs. Bonus, with this peel you get a collagen boost that leaves skin looking more youthful, glowing, poreless, and bright.


Designed for our clients to rejuvenate the dry, chafed skin after a chemical peel. Dermal hydration is just what the doctor ordered. This deep hydration treatment delivers vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants, peptides, and love back into the deepest layers of the skin after it has undergone the downtime of a heavy chemical peel. If your skin has been feeling dry, itchy irritated or inflamed this treatment is highly recommended to calm and revive the skin. This treatment is necessary when paired with our more invasive corrective treatments to restore and balance after resurfacing.


Introductory Offer

Erase 5 years in 55 minutes for $149*.

Offer Includes:
Consultation & Skin Analysis
Before & After Microscopic Imaging of Results
Our Trademarked Skin Rejuvenation Process (Includes 3 Machines/Modalities)
Mini Facial

Book Now – $149

*New Clients Only.


Real Results

Before and after results from our customers.

It's Time For a Skin Workout

Once you try our new trademarked skin rejuvenation process you will never look at facial treatments the same again. Offered exclusively at CLUB SKIN GYM.

Introductory Offer

Erase 5 years in 55 minutes for $129*.

Offer Includes:
Consultation & Skin Analysis
Before & After Microscopic Imaging of Results
Our Trademarked Skin Rejuvenation Process (Includes 3 Machines/Modalities)
Mini Facial

Book Now – $129

*New Clients Only.